About Justine

I am a digital marketing professional currently living in Reno, Nevada with my husband Eric and our dog Samson (loveable labrador).

I am a multifaceted person like most, my interests include: web design, social media, art, photography, volunteering in the community, cooking & baking (not the same thing), exploring my surroundings, keeping in touch with my daughter & granddaughter (yep you read that correctly I am a grandma – still getting used to that one), and finding my way through the world.

My professional side I am a WordPress advocate and have been using WordPress to create websites for small businesses and non-profits the past several years. I consider myself a “Jill of All Trades” due to my variety of skill sets and ability to fill in the gap on any team or project I may be a part of.

Here’s to my motto “Live, Love, & Laugh”! We all need a little more of this in our lives.

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