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Woot! Just Completed My Second Whole30 Challenge

About a year ago I decided to check into what the Whole30 was. I had seen a lot of chatter online talking about starting the Whole30 challenge from The Abbi Agency taking on the challenge as a team in January 2016. It left me curious what it was and why would you do it.

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Social Media Customer Service is a Powerful Tool

Social media customer service is a powerful tool. It can make or break someone’s day. I recently traveled to Dallas, Texas for the very first time. I had never flown to the Dallas Fort Worth Airport before and I was not aware of how complicated it was.

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Bridgetisms – Good Advice From Bridget Willard

Bridget Willard a.k.a “You Too Can Be A Guru” is a smart and funny lady. She is also my friend. I don’t think I am biased when I say you can learn a lot from Bridget. Back in October Bridget gave her first WordCamp talk at WordCamp Cincinnati and I am very proud of her! It takes guts to get up in front of people and talk.

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2016 The Year Of Discovery & Change

2016 was the year of discovery & change for me. I discovered how to eat healthier, to be more confident, to build relationships online, and that I could put faith in others to help me out when I needed it.

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What Do You Love

What do you love? It’s a simple question but it may be a little tougher for you to answer than you think. My motto is to “Live, Love, Laugh” but sometimes it’s hard to remember when life gets in the way. Boy, does life get in the way! Lately I’ve been feeling a little blue. I can’t explain it and there is no “real” reason to feel this way. I just do.

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WordCamp US 2016- What An Adventure

A week ago today I was attending day 2 of WordCamp US. It was quite an adventure getting to Philadelphia but I made it there! I am so glad I attended the biggest WordCamp in the United States. It was definitely worth the rearranging of schedules, long plane rides, sleep deprivation, and the anxiety of the unknown.

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Happy 1st Anniversary – A Year Of Blogging

Happy 1st anniversary to my website!!! I was reminded today through Facebook memories that I had launched this website 1 year ago. Justine Pretorious – Live – Love – Laugh started out as a way for me to get into blogging about a variety of topics. I wanted to really show off my experiences with WordPress, social media, travel, food, and photography.

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Online Relationships – Are They Important?

I’ve always known that social media was a great way to connect to people I already knew. I didn’t realize how great it was going to be to meet people I didn’t know yet. As you know I moved to Portland about a year and half ago and that’s when it really started to happen for me. I volunteered as the Social Media Manager for WordCamp Portland and I have met so many great people because of that one act. It was a stepping stone to really build online relationships through social media. Needless to say I have built friendships that I truly am thankful for.

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Going Rogue From Whole30

So there’s a quote my husband and I learned from the television show Scrubs “Too much ha ha. Pretty soon boo hoo.” It’s an excellent quote and applies to many situations. It certainly applies to me this past week going rogue from Whole30. My new healthy lifestyle is basically Whole30 meals and once in while I will eat something non compliant. Unfortunately I went rogue and ate several things that I haven’t eaten in quite a long time and I paid the price!

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Living Whole30 After The 30 Day Challenge

I finished my Whole30 challenge on March 30th! I had no idea at the time of my accomplishment how much this challenge had changed my life! I can honestly say that I am eating healthier than I ever have. I wished I had learned all of this so much earlier in life. Living Whole30 after you finish the challenge isn’t as hard as you might think it would be. Now I am not saying I never eat anything that is bad for me. I am saying 90% of the time I am choosing to eat Whole30 compliant food.

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