2016 The Year Of Discovery & Change

2016 was the year of discovery & change for me. I discovered how to eat healthier, to be more confident, to build relationships online, and that I could put faith in others to help me out when I needed it.

Whole30 & Eating Living A Healthy Lifestyle

Whole30 - The Year of Discovery & Change
I discovered the Whole30 challenge through a friend and her company the Abbi Agency who took the challenge last January. I followed their progress through social media and started wondering if I could take the challenge. I ordered the book and read all about the requirements of the Whole30 and decided to give it a try in March.

I discovered I could live without processed food, I could tame my “Sugar Dragon”, and I could appreciate that food is for fueling the body. It changed my life! I now live mostly Whole30 and when I want something that is not Whole30 approved I feel empowered that I can make that decision guilt free.

I blogged about my experience before, during and after. You read my Whole30 posts to learn more about my experience.

Social Media

I am a social media professional and I am constantly learning with this ever changing technology. 2016 was a year of discovery for learning how to build relationships with people near and far through social media. I started attending the tweetchat #DigiBlogChat regularly. Learning about new topics from people all of across the United States and abroad. Carol Stephens & Larry Mount have done a wonderful job in keeping this going and fostering a community of learning and laughter.

Twitter has become my favorite social media tool and I found that it is much more social than any of the other social channels I use. I have met so many wonderful people on Twitter who have become my friends. My blog post Online Relationships – Are They Important?” talks about my experience and how important is to build and maintain those relationships.

I blogged a lot this year and my favorite topic to write about was social media. Find out more about my thoughts on social media.

My Tribe

I want to take the time to thank my tribe for being so supportive. I appreciate your friendship, our knowledge, comments on my blog posts, and the social shares. You guys are the BEST! I learn every day from all of you and look forward to the future with all of you in it!

Online Relationships - Friends

I was lucky enough to meet some of my tribe in person this past year and look forward to seeing you again soon. To my friends that I haven’t met in person yet we will one day!

Feeling Grateful

I feel grateful for all the things I have learned this year and look forward to learning more. 2016 was my year of discovery & change. Here’s to a new year with more discovery & change.

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