Convenience Factor

Back in March I took on the Whole30 challenge and it REALLY changed my perspective on food! It also got me to thinking about what I am now calling the “Convenience Factor”. All my life I can remember eating food that was either in a box, can, frozen, or fast food. What do all of these have in common? The “Convenience Factor”. It’s very easy to grab food that is already made for you and all you have to do is heat it up or just unwrap it. I was raised this way.

The food industry has made it very convenient to pick up a pre-made meal or something easy to throw together for all of our busy lives. The unfortunate thing is realizing all the extra ingredients that goes into these options are really unhealthy.

My Convenience Factor Struggle

The “Convenience Factor” is something I have been faced with many times over the past few months and I have to admit my go to convenience food is pizza. There have been several evenings where the time has gotten away from me and it’s gotten late and I didn’t want to cook. My mind would drift off to how easy it would be to pick up the phone and order a pizza. It’s been a struggle for me but I have NOT given in!

I am mainly eating Whole30 compliant these days. I have been reintroducing foods that I love or used to eat here and there to see if I still want to eat them and to find out how they make me feel. Pizza has been on mind but I just can’t bring myself to do it. I have found that bread tastes like pure sugar to me now which scares me that I will go back to the addiction of it and pizza is bread. Pizza also has cheese and when I tried cheese recently I payed dearly for it so that doesn’t seem appealing.

However, those evenings of not feeling like cooking always lead me to the “Convenience Factor” and thoughts of yummy pizza dancing through my head. I have even gone as far as looking at the menu on-line and pulled out my phone to call. Then I take a moment and REALLY think about what I am doing. I ask myself “Do I REALLY want the pizza or is just easy?” Is it convenient just to call and order up a pizza? Hell yes! Then I logically think about some of the easy things I can make in my own kitchen. Meals that leave me satisfied and feeling like I made a healthy choice for me.

The “Convenience Factor” is a tough one! I know in this stage of my life it’s much easier to make better choices and not go for convenience. I can remember raising my kids and not even having time to breathe let alone cook every night. So, I am thankful for discovering the Whole30 and the knowledge it has brought to me. I wished I had learned about this years ago but then again I am in much different place now.

Convenience vs Healthy

The food industry has made it so easy for all of us to eat or consume convenient pre-made food. I think this is something that has gone unnoticed by all of us. The Whole30 challenge really did open my eyes to how I have been eating and how to make better choices. Convenience is easy but at what price are you paying for that convenience? It’s important to understand that what you put in your body today has effects on your health and well being for years to come.

Life is a balancing act for all of our busy lives to prioritize what is right for each of us. Here’s to knowledge I have gained and wanting to share what I have learned from the Whole30 to all of you.

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