December Mid Month Recap

It’s December 16th and it has been over a week since my last blog post. Our household has been busy and there has been no time to blog! However it has all been for good reasons. Here’s what’s been going on with me and a December mid month recap of the posts I have written so far this month.

My husband Eric accepted a new job that we are very excited about! This has caused a lot of shopping to whip his wardrobe back into shape. My 6’6″ husband can’t just buy things off the rack at your local mall. We have to find clothing that is long enough in the arms and legs! So we have been on the hunt to find his new wardrobe. Pants were our first challenge. We ordered some Dockers from JCPenney’s online and crossed our fingers they would arrive and fit once they got here. Button down shirts were next on the list and fortunately between Men’s Wearhouse and DXL we can say “Mission Accomplished”!

My parents came to visit which meant getting the house and guest room ready. This also meant no time to blog for me. We cleaned up the house and made sure the guest room was set for their visit. We took them to lunch at the Red Lion Hotel next to the Columbia River. It was great to visit with them!

Over the weekend I started helping my friend out with her business she is starting. We also had a lovely dinner on Saturday night at our friend Lorelle’s house which kept us out late on Saturday night. On top of that I decided we needed Christmas cheer and brought out the decorations for the house.

The past 2 days I have been building a new website for my friend’s business. I love working on new projects and helping others!

December Mid Month Recap

In case you missed it here’s a summary of the blog posts so far in December:

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