Drawing A Blank

I am having a hard time blogging recently. My last post was March 31st and it was so exciting to talk about my Whole30 accomplishment! Since then there has been a lot of things going on and no time to sit down and write about any of it. When I did try to write yesterday I was drawing a blank! It’s frustrating when you have nothing to write about but you know you do! So, this post is going to be a mish mash of things to help me out of the funk and stop drawing a blank.

Whole30 Status

I finished the Whole30 challenge on March 30th feeling accomplished and proud. I also felt nervous about the reintroduction phase. I decided to take a slow approach to reintroducing foods that are not Whole30 compliant. This means I am trying to reintroduce foods that may or may not be good for me. The first thing I tried was hummus and I found out that hummus makes me feel like crap! I had a stomach ache for 2 days and was crabby and grumpy.

A week later I tried peanut butter, one of my favorites! I ate the peanut butter with apple slices and found that it was too sweet compared to the almond & cashew butter I have been eating. I tried it a couple of more times ans have decided I don’t really want to eat it any more.

This week has been all about chocolate! I would consider myself a chocoholic prior to the Whole30 challenge but now I don’t feel the need to have it. I tried a mini chocolate cupcake with dark chocolate frosting and a mini tulip mousse cup. They were both delicious but I am pleased to say I have not felt the need to have more. I used to crave chocolate on a daily basis. Now I don’t really think about it at all. I think I will be able to have chocolate as a treat from time to time but not NEED it like I used to.

I have been sticking to the Whole30 rules except for the testing of reintroducing foods that are not on the list. I have not had pasta, dairy, or bread since I began this journey and I am not missing any of it.

Freelance Projects

I have been working on a few freelance projects. I am currently building a website for a goat herding organization, social media consulting, and some miscellaneous smaller projects. I am looking forward to launching the new website about goat herding and social media campaign that I am working on.


A couple of weeks ago I started driving for Uber. One of my friends suggested I check it out and I decided it would be a good way to learn about getting around Portland and maybe meet some interesting people. It has been an interesting experience so far and there will definitely be a blog post about coming soon. For now what I can say about it is I haven’t figured out the best time for me to do it which has put my schedule in chaos.

Job Hunt

I have been on the job hunt for a while. I have found some interesting opportunities lately and there is definitely some movement going on. Stay tuned.

Tax Time

Need I say more? Of course not! Enough said!

Drawing A Blank

I guess now that I have listed what’s been going on it makes sense that I was drawing a blank. I don’t think life is going to settle down anytime soon so I will try to blog as often as I can and hopefully I won’t draw a blank when I sit down in front of my laptop!

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