My Now Status List February 2016

My “Now List” is on my website to help me be more accountable about things I want to accomplish. The list is a compilation of professional and personal goals. The “Now” list was inspired by a speaker from WordCamp Portland last year Sarah Pressler and I think it has been helpful.

The Job Hunt

Well, unfortunately I am still on the job hunt. I thought I was REALLY close on an opportunity as a Community Manager for a WordPress company. Unfortunately it they changed directions on job requirements and I just didn’t fit the bill.

On the positive side of things I have been doing some freelance work for some of my old customers at Lucky Dog Consulting! I have also had a referral to a new project I am hoping to get going soon as well as some other miscellaneous inquiries!

Blogging and creating content twice a week on this website

I am not hitting my twice a week goal yet but I have published 6 posts since the beginning of January! I have been out of sink the last few weeks and I am hoping to improve this goal for the rest of this month.

Creating a travel and food blog

I am shooting to get this started next month. We are going on a big trip soon and to prepare there will be some small trips that I will want to share with everyone!

Creating a cooking blog

This is coming, not sure when I am going to start it. Stay tuned!

Exploring Portland

We found a great little place on Mississippi called “The Rambler” to have brunch! They had good food and great service! We are definitely going back.

We enjoyed the city lights on the top of a parking garage in downtown. The lights were beautiful!

On Valentine’s Day we went to the Old Spaghetti Factory here in Portland! We found out that the first restaurant was right here in Portland. The one we went to is right off the river and happens to be the head quarters to the Spaghetti Factory!

We also discovered a new movie theater and mall in downtown. It felt like we were in a movie. It had several floors, it spiraled up and felt very glossy.

Figuring out how I want to contribute to WordPress

Still working on it.

Spending quality time with Eric

We spent Saturday shopping for gear for our motorcycle trip and on Sunday had brunch, went to see Star Wars, and the Spaghetti Factory. It was a great weekend!

Keeping up with furry kids Buddy & Samson

I am looking forward to some more Spring weather. Last week we were able to get out and enjoy the sunshine by playing ball in the yard & walks to the park.

Social Media Manager for WordCamp PDX

Still keeping an eye on things here. I am hoping we will have a date for this year so I can get back to it!

Building relationships online

I have been participating on a #Digiblogchat and have met some interesting people that I hope I get to meet in person. Robert lives in Tacoma, Washington which is not too far away from me. Bridgett is down in Southern California and hopefully I will see her at WordCamp San Diego!

Learning new recipes

I haven’t been learning anything new lately but I have been adding/changing to current recipes. Playing around with spices and proteins.

Getting back to exercising

I walk almost every day between walking the boys at the park and around the neighborhood, running errands, and walking to get to the Zip Car I have reserved. I average about 10 miles a week but last week was a whopping 18 miles! Yeah me!

Making time for mosaic projects

Mainly I have been getting ideas from Green Street Mosaics and doing some supply research. I still need a place that’s safe to work on this.

Getting out and taking photos

I took some great photos of Lake Tahoe at sunrise. I also captured some nice photos of the mountains in Reno last month.

Helping a friend get her business going

Made some progress on this even though we stepped back and did some rebranding. I created a new logo that’s more colorful. Looking to wrap this up with some new business cards and the website soon.

Get out and networking

Since we got back from Tahoe it seems I haven’t been able to really get much done. But there is always tomorrow!

Sketch with my Zenspirations book daily

I am having fun with the Zenspirations book! I have been able to do this a coupe of times a week.


Not happening at the moment.

Preparing for the Whole 30

Started reading this last week. I am shooting to start it on March 1st.

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