Photo Walk: Fall In Portland

So you may not know this about me but I love to take photos. I have been a shutter bug off and on through out my life. Fall has arrived in Portland and it is one my favorite times of the year up here. It has inspired me to get out and take photos. Today was not an ideal day to do it but I did it anyway.

Weather usually does not stop me from getting out when I want to and today was the day to go for an extra walk with the camera. Fall in Portland is an amazing time even with the cloudy skies and the rain. It’s all about perspective when you are dealing with the weather. Enjoy what you can even if it’s cloudy ad cold.

When I headed out today I was prepared for the weather; rain jacket, baseball cap, and umbrella. Even though it wasn’t currently raining I knew it was a possibility. My destination was a little over a mile a way. This was the first time I had walked down this part of the neighborhood. I really got to experience the neighborhood up close and personal.

My Main Objective

I have driven this way several times over the past year and there is a beautiful mural of flowers that I have passed by each time. Every time I have passed by I kept thinking I should take a picture of that. Well today was the day! I actually walked right next to it and was able to take photos up close and from across the street.
Photos Walk: Mural

Taking Notice

As I walked I was paying attention to colors, rain droplets, and lighting. I found several things along the way to take photos of that really represented fall in Portland. I especially enjoyed the leaves with rain droplets. The beading is so delicate and beautiful.
Photo Walk: Purple Flowers

Photo Walk: Dark Leaves

Photo Walk: Street

Fall In Portland

Today may not have been the best day to take photos but I did capture some beautiful fall elements on my walk. I will definitely work on getting the camera out more often to share the beauty of Portland through my lens.

Photo Walks

Do you like to take photos? Have you participated in an official photo walk? Let me know if you are shutter bug too and what you like to photograph.

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