The Flu Sucks

The flu sucks! It REALLY sucks! On Monday I came down with the flu and it has been challenging on so many levels. I have stuck to my guns and stayed on my mission to complete my Whole30 challenge but it has not been without some challenges along the way.

Monday Day 7 of the Whole30 Challenge

I woke up with a raspy cough and some fatigue. I thought ok I will take it easy and this should go away. Boy was I wrong! I made it through the day by resting and eating some home made Whole30 compliant chicken soup.

I researched on line to see if anyone from the Whole30 community had any suggestions. It varied from stopping the challenge to nourishing your body with chicken broth or mashed sweet potatoes. I decided I would do my very best in sticking with the challenge.


I’m on day 8 of my Whole30 challenge and the flu is hitting me hard. I am achey, feverish, chills, coughing, and can barely get around. The flu sucks! It really sucks when all you want to do is eat and drink things you can’t when you are on the Whole30 challenge! I slept off an on most of the day. Most of my dreams were about things I couldn’t have. Ginger ale, rice with butter, Ritz crackers, Gatorade, and apple juice. It’s been rough. I was able to make some mashed potatoes but that ended up being a REALLY bad thing.


You never remember how bad the flu can be until you have it and the flu sucks! Day 3 of my flu and Day 9 of the Whole30 challenge I stuck to guns. Hot tea and scramble eggs for me. Not having much of an appetite it was basically the easiest thing I could make and still stay compliant.


It’s been 4 days since I came down with the flu and I think I am coming out on the other side. Unfortunately, my sense of smell is do sensitive that I can hardly stand to be around any food. I got through another plate of scrambled eggs and hoping this flu is over sooner than later.

The Flu Sucks

Everybody knows the flu sucks but it especially sucks when you trying out a new way of eating and you want the things that have always helped you through. I am proud that I am still Whole30 compliant but oh how I could go for some ginger ale!

Here’s to getting the flu shot this year so I don’t go through this again!

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