What Do You Love

What do you love? It’s a simple question but it may be a little tougher for you to answer than you think. My motto is to “Live, Love, Laugh” but sometimes it’s hard to remember when life gets in the way. Boy, does life get in the way! Lately I’ve been feeling a little blue. I can’t explain it and there is no “real” reason to feel this way. I just do.

Today I remembered a fun exercise to take some time to remember what I love. I took the “What I Love” challenge that I saw last year from Bob Dunn a.k.a BobWP. In 10 minutes you list out what you love. Bob is able to list out 99 things he loves. I have not been able to meet that goal yet. One day.

What I Love List

  1. My handsome & supportive husband
  2. My beautiful & smart daughter
  3. My adorable sassy granddaughter
  4. My in-laws
  5. Snapchat vidoes & pics with my granddaughter & daughter
  6. Friends
  7. Whole30
  8. Beach
  9. Paddle Boarding
  10. Sierra Mountains
  11. Lake Tahoe
  12. Chocolate
  13. Pederson Bacon
  14. Binging on Netflix
  15. My dogs
  16. Social Media
  17. My Patagonia Puffy
  18. My Rain Boots
  19. My job at MeetGreen
  20. Hanging out under the magnolia tree
  21. Portland Parks
  22. My cozy down comforter
  23. Santa Cruz
  24. Truckee
  25. TEDxUNR
  26. Walks in the Fall
  27. Photography
  28. Zenspirations
  29. Portland Bridges
  30. Twitter
  31. Learning
  32. Art
  33. Farmer’s Markets
  34. Technology
  35. Meeting new friends
  36. Playing with my granddaughter
  37. Seattle
  38. New Whole30 recipes
  39. Music
  40. Laughter
  41. Going to the movies
  42. My Lil’ Cozy
  43. Hanging out with my hubby
  44. Flowers
  45. Adventure
  46. Traveling
  47. Exploring
  48. Sarah & Jen for helping me get to WCUS
  49. Meeting Bridget in person
  50. Lana Sue
  51. Going for walks
  52. Visits with my daughter & granddaughter
  53. Going for rides on the motorcycle
  54. Christmas lights

What Do You Love

Now it’s your turn. What do you love? Take the challenge and tell me all about it! I can’t wait to hear what’s on your list!

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