Whole30 Week 2

I just completed my second week on the Whole30 challenge. It’s the end of Whole30 week 2 and I am at the halfway point to the 30 days!!! Week 2 brought along with it the flu. I haven’t been this sick in a VERY long time but I was able to stick with it and not fall back on any of my favorite sick foods.

The Flu

Coming down with the flu really put a wrinkle in things this past week. I ate a lot of scramble eggs just because I had absolutely no appetite and it was the easiest thing to make. I don’t think I have ever eaten this many eggs in one week!

Cooking For Others

I have been very proud of myself for being able to resist non compliant food! My husband is being very supportive of the Whole30 challenge and has been trying the new recipes I have made for dinner. However, I still make him breakfast burritos, bagel sandwiches, and many other non compliant foods. I have even made him bacon and not been tempted!

What I have discovered by doing this is I don’t have the desire to eat these foods. I enjoy making them for my husband and it doesn’t bother me that I am not eating them along with him. That doesn’t mean I could watch him have pizza or have cookies in the house at the moment but it does mean I am feeling pretty good about the food I am eating. I feel satisfied with each of the meals and rarely feel hungry in-between meals.

Modifying Recipes

In the past couple of years I have been really learning to cook and I am not afraid to try new recipes nor am I afraid of modifying a recipe. During week one I tried out the butternut squash soup recipe and did not really enjoy it. I started thinking about the butternut squash soup I have been making for the past couple of years and realized that I could modify that recipe so it was Whole30 compliant! Using Whole30 compliant chicken broth and leaving out the quinoa from the recipe and it still tasted wonderful!

Circle P Week

On top of having the flu I started my period this past Friday! When I was much younger my period hardly bothered me nor did anyone else know I was even having it. Over the past couple of years my period has really become an issue which is part of why I am doing the Whole30. I wanted to see if I changed my diet if it would affect my period symptoms. So far I am basically the same except for the cravings. In the past I have needed chocolate every day and broken into the bag of potato chips for that salty satisfaction. I have not had either craving.

What I have been craving is a big juicy burger! Not the bun but the meat! I keep thinking about enjoying a delicious meaty burger. I know I can have one if I REALLY want to go to the effort but between my flu and the cold rain outside I have been keeping it at bay.

Some Thoughts

I have realized I am able to have non-compliant food in the house without eating it. When I went through our cupboards I created a cabinet just for me and cabinet for my husband. I am proud to say I get into that cabinet to make food for Eric and have not been tempted once in eating anything that is not on the list!

I can make food for others that is not compliant with the Whole30 list. I am not tempted even while the aroma is wafting through the air. I enjoy cooking and especially enjoying making others happy so it doesn’t bother me to cook for someone else and not partake in the dish.

While I was sick I had some staple foods that I REALLY wanted to eat and this challenging. I really didn’t think that this was going to be a problem. I thought about those foods and I dreamt about them but I did NOT eat any of them!

I am half way through the challenge and in general I don’t really miss the bread, the pastas, and chocolate. I do miss the convenience of the foods I was eating before but I don’t crave them. I am feeling pretty proud of myself and look forward to getting to the finish line to see what’s next!

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