How Portland Became A Place We Call Home

In order to explain how Portland became a place we call home we have to go back in time to explain where our adventure started. In 2010 I was offered a job in Reno, Nevada and we were living in Sunnyvale, California. What? How did we get from Sunnyvale to Reno to Portland? I am getting to that I promise! Let’s go back to 2010 when we lived in Sunnyvale.

Sunnyvale, California

In May of 2010 I was looking for a job and found this opportunity in Reno, Nevada. Reno is just on the other side of the California border near Truckee, California. Eric and I had always dreamed of buying a house and living in Truckee so I took a shot and applied for the job in Reno.

I had several phone interviews and in person interviews in June. By the end of June I was accepting a job offer and making plans to move to Truckee! We were so excited to finally see this dream come true!

Truckee, California

We bought a house and moved to Truckee, we were so proud to have finally made our dreams come true. I worked for Renown Health from 2010 – 2012. In April of 2012 I decided it was time to quit my job and go full time at my consulting business Lucky Dog Consulting.

As part of my business model I created WordPress websites and in order to learn more about WordPress I attended several wordcamps. I attended the wordcamp in Seattle in 2014 and this is what spurred our move. Throughout the months after our visit we kept talking about how much we loved it there and wouldn’t it be great if we moved to Seattle.

One day in January I was thinking about the possibility of moving to Seattle when it hit me. I asked myself “What is keeping us from moving from Truckee?” I thought about it and then it dawned on me, we owned the house. Our house was keeping us from moving! I realized that because we were home owners we didn’t have the flexibility of putting in our 30 days and moving like renters could.

Later that day I just said it out loud to Eric, “Why don’t we sell the house and move to Seattle?”. It was funny because once I had said it out loud it really did make sense why we were feeling stuck and unable to move to Seattle. So, we talked about it and then we started interviewing realtors. Within a couple of weeks the house went up on the market and sold in 3 days! It was amazing!

We started packing and donating all of our stuff. Eric arranged for storage pods to store what we were taking with us. We moved out of the house and stayed in hotels in Truckee and Reno until we were ready to leave.

Heading to Seattle

On April 24, 2015 we hit the road and headed up to visit my parents in Sutherlin, Oregon. When our visit was over we headed north to Seattle and on the way we had decided to to stop off to check out Portland. We stayed in a hotel for a couple of weeks to explore and decided we really liked the people and the area. We started looking around at houses and here we are living North Portland today!

It’s been quite an adventure we are on and we are very excited to live in such a diverse & culturally rich city! We discover new things every day and look forward to what Portland has to offer.

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