QOTD: The Shortest Answer Is Doing

Here goes my first blog post for this website! I thought it would be appropriate to kick this thing off with a QOTD (QOTD = Quote of the Day). I saw the quote “The shortest answer is doing.” by George Herbert today on the Forbes website. It really spoke to me because I am someone who likes to get things done! I am the person someone comes to and says I need this or I don’t know how this works and the next thing you know I am researching the problem or connecting with people that I know have the answer if I don’t know already. It’s one of my specialties and something I am VERY confident and proud of.

The shortest answer is doing, what does this mean? To me it means getting things done or taking action to make it happen. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t preparation or that you go in blindly without putting some thought into it. However, it does mean by doing and taking action means progress and moving something forward. For example this blog, I’ve been wanting to do this for quite some time and this week all of the stars aligned! The access I needed to create the website happened thanks to my husband Eric (Thank you, Eric!), found the WordPress theme Hemingway I wanted to use to create the website, read inspirational blog posts that reminded me that I could do this by Bridget Willard (Thank you, Bridget!), creating the website, and finally getting down to writing!

As you can tell I am VERY excited and look forward to blogging and connecting with the community that is created through this blog!

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