Say Something, Write Something: Getting Back To It

Where to start? I have been MIA “Missing In Action” from my own website. I haven’t written or posted anything since February. It’s been a combination of things keeping me away from writing my thoughts. I certainly have come up with a bunch of ideas to write about but have not had the will or the motivation to do so. What I really think it’s come down to is I’ve been depressed.

I didn’t really notice it at first until recently. As you know I live in Portland, Oregon. Everyone knows about the rain in Portland but do you know how the cold, grey, wet weather can effect you? It’s much tougher than you would think on your sunny disposition. I now appreciate what the locals call a “Sun Break”. This is where the sun comes out momentarily and no matter what you are doing you step outside to enjoy that big ball of light in the sky before it goes away again.

When we first moved here it was at the tale end of spring and yes there were some grey days but there were also some sunny days. So, at first glance it didn’t seem all that bad. We have lived here for 2 years now and this past winter was pretty tough. I’m not saying it’s the worst I’m just saying it was tougher than I had realized. I’ve heard it was the worst winter that we have had in years and that comes from people who have lived here all there lives.

Say Something

So, why do I think I’ve been depressed? The key factors for me have been the lack of motivation. I don’t want to take the dogs out for a walk, I don’t want to cook, and I haven’t wanted to write or post to my blog. My belief is that the lack of sunshine I have been experiencing has been the key factor in my behavior.

So, this is my start. I’ve decided that the first step is to say something. I’ve been depressed.

Write Something

I’m hoping by writing about this I will kick start the engines and get back to my routine of writing at least once a month but my goal is REALLY once a week.

Getting Back To It

The rains have not stopped here in Portland and it is now mid May which means it’s been raining since October. Hopefully those sun breaks that we are all needing will come along more often and brighten up my day.

It’s time to getting back to it and writing posts.

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