You Too Can Be A Guru A.K.A. Bridget Willard

Have you heard of “You Too Can Be A Guru“? If you haven’t you are definitely missing out! Bridget Willard is the master mind of “You Too Can Be A Guru” and she is definitely worth your time! I found Bridget through Twitter as the social media manager for WordCamp Portland. She was very active and engaging with WCPDX Twitter and the Facebook page which led me to find out more about Bridget and “You Too Can Be A Guru”.

I started following “You Too Can Be A Guru” on Twitter & Facebook then I discovered Bridget’s blog which led me to her YouTube channel the “Guru Minute”! She has a wonderful perspective and you can learn so much in just that lovely little minute!

What I like most about her “Guru Minute” is that whatever topic she is talking about she usually sets up the location of the video to coincide or she uses props that bring it full circle. One of my favorite “Guru Minutes” is about your online behavior with social media. The title of this video is “Do you just wave at people?”. She is a genius, in the way she can really make you think about how to build online relationships just like you would in person. You don’t just wave at people when you see them in person and you shouldn’t just like your way online either. Watch the video and find out for yourself!

I was so glad that I took the time to find out more! Bridget’s blog inspired me to finally get my own blog up and running. She is fantastic, knowledgeable, funny, and a great resource to look at things with a fresh perspective.

I had to give Bridget this shout out because I admire her messaging and want to tell everyone I know all about “You Too Can Be A Guru” a.k.a Bridget Willard so they can experience this fantastic resource!

You can find her online at the following locations:

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